Wednesday, September 21, 2011

IV Meds Dragging me Down

I have been off my IV medications (therapy for my Lyme disease) for almost half a year, and starting back up on them has been no fun. They usual make one feel very exhausted and lethargic, which doesn't help me when doing yoga. I noticed that when I had practice on Monday with Barbara, I felt tired and heavy, and when I lifted my arms and legs, I became very lightheaded and even more fatigued. I tried to combat this by taking more breaks in between each sequence, or even little mini breaks in the middle of a series (ie: leg lifts, ankle twists, that sort of thing). I had been progressing so well up until this week, but now I feel like I have taken a few steps backwards. It's frustrating for me because I know without the meds I might be able to do more, but I am trying to focus on the things I can do in practice, rather than the things that might be more difficult. Taking breaks involves very deep, calming breaths, and I try to empty my mind of all thoughts, which leaves me feeling very centered and ready for more. Usually after practicing I would feel energized and rather calm (because of the meditation), but I have been feeling so wiped out afterwards. I noticed the same thing this afternoon, when Michelle was working with me. We learned a few new hand mudras, focusing on mudras for restful sleep, and twists, which are great for detoxing (and give the whole upper body such a release!). We made little videos of us practicing, which hopefully I can upload soon! Michelle filmed another chair yoga mini-class, which I have added a link to!

In my home practice (which has been less frequent since starting the meds, because of my lack of energy), I try to take things slowly and let my body set the pace, and say when it needs breaks. This is as it should be, and perhaps maybe this is what this lack of energy will teach me; that my body and mind, when they work together, can find a perfect solution to a problem that I feel is somewhat outside of my control.

Meditation is something that anyone can practice, no matter how fatigued. So I have been focusing on the meditation and hand mudras. Calming the body and mind can help both heal faster, and there is the science now to prove it! There is nothing like relaxation though. It's just so...relaxing! I'm getting very good at clearing my mind at will, and separating my mind from body (something I have always been good at, and use as a pain-coping strategy). So here's to taking 10, and just being!


  1. Often we need to take a few steps back in order to take a GIANT leap forward! I have always found that to be true in my own Asana practice. That is where Tapas one on the Niyamas ( right discipline or effort ) comes in you describe it as listening to your body but still doing the work. Right effort is another way of describing that. Keep on trucking sister... you can do it.
    XoxoOxoOXoX Michelle

  2. you're the best michelle. i really needed smile :). looking forward to next week! niyama...the idea has a cool sanskrit awesome is that! <3